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A Knife Forged in Fire
The Chemistry of Fire

"The psychological nuance and vivid detail throughout will dazzle readers."
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"In these wide-ranging, welcoming pieces, the author shows himself to be a caring, questioning man with a dry wit and big heart."
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"Gonzales creates magic in prose... The Chemistry of Fire is a whirlwind of observation, knowledge, and expression"

Deep Survival
W.W. Norton Publishers has reissued Deep Survival in this new edition in recognition of its outstanding success. From its publication in 2003 Deep Survival had an immediate impact. As the first scientific book on survival, it set the bar and started the trend that spawned a spate of imitations. Groups ranging from the Navy SEALs to the Sloan School of Management at MIT began using it as a learning tool. Its appeal has been so broad and deep because the principles in Deep Survival apply to any challenge that life poses, from coping with a financial crisis to battling a life threatening illness or dealing with addiction and recovery. And psychologists, oncologists, business executives, and clergy have brought the principles of Deep Survival to their clients to help them face adversity, to manage risk, and to enhance decision making in every form. Read this new edition and see why so many people continue to praise Deep Survival. You won't be disappointed.
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Deep Survival
2018 Eric Hoffer Award
Winner of the 2018 Montaigne Medal
Flight 232
In FLIGHT 232: A Story of Disaster and Survival, Laurence Gonzales re-creates, minute by minute, the harrowing journey, not only of those inside the doomed plane but also those who had to meet it on the ground and those who had to treat the wounded, attend the dead, and pick up the many pieces. Through exhaustive research and extensive interviews with everyone from air traffic controllers to rescue workers, survivors to the pilots themselves, Gonzales crafts a riveting tale of heroism and triumph in the face of death.
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FLIGHT 232 Seating Chart

Flight 232
2019 Eric Hoffer Award for Legacy Nonfiction
House of Pain
These are the essays that shaped Laurence Gonzales's unique voice and insight for such best sellers as his Deep Survival. From the depths of a maximum security prison to the cancer ward, from the insane asylum to the World Trade Center, Gonzales puts you there in the middle of the action with a skill that grips you from the first sentence.
Surviving Survival
The shark attacked while she was snorkeling, tearing through Micki Glenn’s breast and shredding her right arm. Her husband, a surgeon, saved her life on the spot, but when she was safely home she couldn’t just go on with her life. She had entered an even more profound survival journey: the aftermath. If you or someone you love has suffered a traumatic experience, it won’t simply go away when the experience is over. Learn what these survivors did to get on with their lives once their nightmare ordeals ended.

“Laurence, I can't tell you how profoundly Surviving Survival has affected me. I was physically ill. I had panic attacks and overwhelming debilitating bouts of utter dread. I no longer knew myself. And then I picked up your book and I got it. It all made sense. I haven't had a panic attack or any thing like what I was going through since. The knowledge you have so wisely and generously imparted is a gift of which I can't begin to thank you enough. But thank you is all I have, so please believe me when I say I mean it from the depths of my soul.”

- Lori Tobias, Newport, Oregon


Everyday Survival
While Deep Survival was a book about how an individual gets into trouble and gets out again, Everyday Survival is an exploration of science and philosophy aimed at changing the way you view your world. It proposes that only by changing the way we view our world—and our position in it—can we survive as a civilization and even a species.
Everyday Survival seeks to ask questions such as: How did life originate from the natural laws we know? How does life function in accordance with those natural laws? Are people governed by those natural laws, or can we do anything we want? What is the ultimate cost of the way we now live? If we are so intelligent, how do we get ourselves into such terrible trouble? Where did the human race come from? What are we meant to do here? Is there a future for the human race? Can we stop killing one another? What will the world be like when our first graders are 65 years old? If questions like those interest you, then read Everyday Survival.


One Zero Charlie
Laurence Gonzales's classic aviation book about learning to become a stunt pilot at a small airfield in the Midwest.

“An aviation classic and a must-read for people who like good writing.”
- Patty Wagstaff, three-time U.S. National Aerobatic Champion

“Laurence Gonzales' One Zero Charlie is the quintessential portrait of the vanishing small airport, and it's exquisitely written. Gonzales is an aerobatic pilot and the son of a WWII pilot/hero: He really knows what he writes about. This isn't the usual sanitized, ‘Ain't flying fun?’ look at general aviation. Read it if you have the nerve; if not, read it anyway.”
- Tony Bill, Plane & Pilot Magazine

Primatologist Jenny Lowe is studying bonobo chimpanzees deep in the Congo when she is caught in a deadly civil war that leaves a fellow researcher dead and his daughter, Lucy, orphaned. Realizing that the child has no living relatives, Jenny begins to care for Lucy as her own. But as she reads the late scientist's notes, she discovers that Lucy is the result of a shocking experiment, and that the adorable, magical, wonderful girl she has come to love is an entirely new hybrid species.


Das Mädchen Lucy wächst im afrikanischen Dschungel bei ihrem Vater, einem englischen Naturforscher, in völliger Abgeschiedenheit auf. Als er stirbt, bleibt sie allein zurück. Durch Zufall findet die amerikanische Wissenschaftlerin Jenny sie und nimmt sie mit nach Amerika. Lucy ist hübsch und sehr begabt.
Was niemand ahnt: Sie ist das Ergebnis eines unglaublichen Experiments, ihr Erbgut eine Kreuzung zwischen dem von Mensch und Menschenaffe. Irgendwann lässt sich das nicht mehr geheimhalten - und Medien, Militär und Wissenschaftler beginnen eine erbarmungslose Jagd auf Lucy.


From the refinery worker bars of east Texas and bayou juke joints of south Louisiana to the record company boardrooms of LA and New York City, Laurence Gonzales mines his own experiences as a working musician to lay bare the underbelly of life on the rock'n'roll road.

“the best Rock’n’roll novel since Harlan Ellison’s Spider Kiss
- Greil Marcus, Rolling Stone

“, funny, furious... A razzle-dazzle tour through the hermetic, hectic, lunatic incorrigibly adolescent world of rock music”
- Edward Abbey